What services do midwives provide?


  • Family violence screening

  • Referral to Well Child Services

  • Information on newborn screening tests and immunisations

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Advice on newborn care

  • Screening for antenatal and postnatal mental illness

  • Routine antenatal visits

  • Labour care

  • Scan and blood test referrals

  • Referral to obstetric services

  • Pregnancy-related prescriptions

  • Home visits after birth to 4-6 weeks

  • Contraceptive advice

  • Dietary and lifestyle advice

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Midwives provide the vast majority of maternity care in New Zealand, and we're a trained and regulated profession.

What will it cost?
In New Zealand, all citizens, residents, and people on a work visa of two years or longer, are entitled to access our free maternity care. Under the public maternity system you are entitled to free midwifery care with a midwife of your choice, free secondary or tertiary level obstetric care if you have pregnancy complications or a pre-existing condition that require it, free blood tests and screening tests and heavily subsidised ultrasound scans for clinical purposes.
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